Junior Enterprise Blockchain Developer


About the job

Locations: Brooklyn, NY / Miami, FL

Company Overview

BlockApps is an enterprise blockchain company that develops industry applications on our own blockchain platform, STRATO, to enable traceability across enterprise value chains. Our customers include Fortune 500 companies such as Bayer Crop Science (the worldโ€™s largest seed company), Blockchain for Energy (a consortium of the worldโ€™s largest energy companies including Repsol, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Schlumberger and more), and the U.S. government. BlockApps has launched several industry initiatives, including TraceHarvest (agribusiness traceability), TraceCarbon (sustainability tracking), and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (worldโ€™s largest open standards blockchain organization). For more information, visit and contact us at www.blockapps.net, or find us on social media via LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.

Job Description

If you are passionate about the enterprise blockchain space and are currently looking to strengthen your skillset in this area, we would love to hear from you.

BlockApps STRATO is an advanced peer-to-peer blockchain platform, based on the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance standards. STRATO includes a complete suite of APIs, as well as data analysis and monitoring tools, which developers can use to build enterprise blockchain applications and networks. Our core product is written in Haskell. In addition, we use Solidity, Node.js, React, and SQL to develop customer-centric blockchain solutions.

We currently have openings for professional developers with an interest in customer satisfaction.

Strong functional programming skills are a plus, as our platform is largely written in Haskell. However, a mastery of classical computing languages and tools, such as C/C++ and SQL, is equally important, and we can teach you Haskell and blockchain technologies on the job.

Roles & Responsibilities

โ— Design and implement features for our STRATO blockchain platform

โ— Collaborate with the team to architect the STRATO blockchain platform

โ— Research existing libraries and tools for use within the STRATO blockchain platform

โ— Perform domain research to both better understand the blockchain technology space, as well as the details of customersโ€™ industries

โ— Work with customers to design and build blockchain applications, and integrate them with the STRATO blockchain platform

Required Skills

โ— Proficiency in a statically-typed programming language, such as Haskell, C/C++, Java, Scala, C#, F#, or Go

โ— SQL, particularly PostgreSQL

โ— Source code management tools, such as Git

โ— Degree in computer science or related field, experience in software engineering or equivalent work experience

โ— Strong collaboration, interpersonal, and verbal communication skills

Nice-to-Have Skills

โ— Functional programming, particularly Haskell

โ— Designing and implementing RESTful APIs, and their best practices

โ— Node.js

โ— Frontend JavaScript frameworks, particularly React

โ— Kafka

โ— Cloud computing services, particularly AWS and Google Cloud

โ— Containerization technologies, particularly Docker

โ— Blockchain fundamental concepts

โ— Ethereum protocols

โ— Smart contracting languages, such as Solidity

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