Junior Modeling QR - Intraday


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Manifold is a systematic investment management company which utilizes a rigorous scientific and research-driven approach and participates in the cryptocurrency space. Our team consists of talented technologists, mathematicians and cryptocurrency native builders and researchers, all working closely together to generate value to cryptocurrency ecosystems. Our company represents a unique opportunity to join a fast-growing team and gain meaningful exposure to building out systems from scratch in the cryptocurrency space.

Description: This role involves building predictive models for cryptocurrency markets, working with modern machine learning techniques utilizing large data sets, and implementation of research ideas in production. Candidates will be exposed to modeling principles across short-term (HFT), intraday, and stat-arb approaches


  • Excellent quantitative skills.
  • Strong programming ability in Python or R is required, some C++ experience would be ideal


  • Candidates with 2+ years experience with either microstructure, intraday or stat-arb modeling
  • Open to candidates with machine learning experience with large data-sets in top tech firms. Also open to junior candidates with a strong research background.

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