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Web3 promises transparency and equity in global decision making, data organization, and the potential to change social structures in a way that champions the democratic process. However, these benefits will only ever be realized if we, as an industry, begin to see mass adoption of both the technology and the ethos. While many barriers remain to see mainstream adoption, one of the most immediate problems in web3 is extremely poor user experience. This problem is experienced across the entire web3 stack, starting at the coreโ€”block data.


Lore is on a mission to build the most legible and actionable standard for block-chain data, starting with the Ethereum Chain. Our core product is a transaction action translator that takes the current standard of block-data (32 bit wallet addresses, random method calls, and indecipherable 0 value transactions when it is abundantly clear that value has been moved) and translates it to a simple English sentence: โ€œSender sent item to Receiverโ€

The first product we are building on this technology is a Block-explorer that translates every on chain action into something legible at a glance. In order to do this, we are in the process of creating the most sophisticated ML model in the market to tag and translate on-chain action.

Core Responsibilities

  1. Working with the CTO to tag and translate transaction actions for core smart contracts deployed on Ethereum (he will do the spooky stuff, donโ€™t worry)
  2. Decipher complex on-chain actions and assist in the development of the overall transaction schema
  3. Review translated transactions to verify their accuracy with the actual action

Hard Qualifiers

  1. Experience working with blockchain data or large datasets in either a developer/trader capacity/consumer
  2. Fluency in English (important)
  3. Comfortable with numbers/analytics

Huge Bonus if you have interacted with solidity/smart contracts before (not necessarily as a developer!); or if you have held a different job with the title of โ€˜on-chain data analystโ€™

Soft Qualifiers

  1. Endless curiosity about the future of this industry. We are looking for people who will come to us with new, creative ways to use this legible dataโ€”thinking critically about this is part of the job
  2. You are passionate about the space, and want to work in it outside of the promise of financial gain; we want to see from you that you know this company should exist even outside of the team that is building it.

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