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Chief Technology Officer (CTO) - Blockchain, NFT Marketplace, Gamification, Metaverse, Smart Contracts.

Reports to: The Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/ Board.

Job Overview:

- Establish the company's technical vision and leads all aspects of the company's technological development.

- Responsibilities involve building bridges and networking within the Blockchain community, including notable influencers in Decentralised Finance.

- Take a strategic view of the technology architecture and business landscape and develop initiatives to drive transformation and organisational success.

- Drive the technical strategy around platforms, partnerships and external relationships.

- This role is more associated with rapid growth rather than long-term planning.

- Conduct research and case studies on cutting-edge technologies and makes determinations on the probability of implementation.

- Develop the technical architecture within a blockchain environment to support the goals of the business.

- Focus will be on building a robust structure either on Ethereum or any other suitable platform.

- Exposure to gamification and smart contracts will be desirable

- Leadership experience at crypto and/or fin-tech start-up will be an advantage.

- Some level of exposure in a fast-paced, early-stage or start-up environment will help.

- Knowledge of various major blockchains e.g. ATOM, DOT etc. an advantage.

Responsibilities and Duties:

- Participate in the system analysis and design of various blockchain businesses, design decentralized transaction systems, security protocols and architectures for different business functions, undertake core function code writing, develop and maintain system public core modules; explore practical blocks, the application scenarios and value of the chain in the business

- Leading the tackling of technical problems and continuously improving the decentralization system and other relevant systems

- Evaluate and anticipate potential technical risks to ensure safe, stable and fast operation of the system

- Understand the latest development status of the field through continuous learning, and actively cooperate with the company's strategic development

- Use continuous integration technology to build, deploy and test all aspects of the product to ensure high-quality delivery

- Acquainted with consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm, zero-knowledge proof, open-source code and public chain cross-chain technology

- Independently develop, integrate, deploy, refactor and tune smart contracts, manage the principle of smart contract execution; comprehend the smart contract security system, and elaborate on the measures for various types of smart contract vulnerabilities

- Good understanding of blockchain technology and Rust and Solidity languages and frameworks

- Conversant with the application of multi-secure computing, privacy protection, DeFi, decentralized transactions, and lending, such as lending, transaction, payment, wallet, infrastructure development, and proficient in its principles.


- Bachelor's degree or above, with more than 12 years of work experience, and more than 3 years of work experience in blockchain and financial technology-related projects/product environments.

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