Co-Founding CEO. Be the person who leads our startup that builds the road to immersive digital experiences!

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About the job

Immersive realities, AR and VR experiences, will require a new network and computing infrastructure.. Internet networks as they are deployed today are not ready to support what it’s coming with immersive experiences and metaverse use cases with unprecedented increasing demand of ultra fast (low latency) networks .

Gluonise is a decentralized network of 5G + edge computing hotspots owned by the people. The primary goal of Gluonise Network is to create a blockchain-powered network for the deployment of immersive realities apps using 5G and edge computing hotspots to get the best user experience. So, Gluonise is building the world’s first peer-to-peer wireless network ready for metaverse and immersive realities apps. Sandbox, Decentraland, Meta, Google…. are working on building flying cars without a proper road. We are building the air roads for flying cars.

Are you motivated with this revolution? Do you feel that we need more sovereignty in the network infra for the future and the power of web3 to achieve it? This is the opportunity to create a new network powered by the people to enable a new decentralized economy, ultra fast network infrastructure for the new immersive apps (metaverse) that are to come.

5G Ventures is the first venture builder specialized in 5G, and The Data Venture, is one of the very first venture studios focused on Web3, blockchain and metaverse. We are joining forces to co-found and scale-up Gluonise, with the mission of developing a blockchain-based technology platform for decentralized deployment of advanced communications networks.

Do you identify yourself with this purpose and are you willing to be a key player in the industry of the future? Are you motivated about Web3, decentralization and sovereignty?

If you want to be part of the development of one of the very first decentralized edge infrastructure to enable new realities, this is your place. If you want to be part of something that can change how we use the internet now, this is your place. If you want to be part of the next revolution called Web3 and 5G… Gluonise is the right place for you, keep reading! 👇

How will you contribute to Gluonise?

Your mission will be to co-found and co-lead this new startup together with 5G Ventures and The Data Venture, shaping the company from an early stage. As the CEO, you will help define and lead the business operation strategy, create and manage a talented team, define and execute a plan to grow and scale up being a reference in the industrial market internationally.

Your success in this mission will be stellar if you develop the following roles and contributions:

Go-to-market Tech Professional 🚀🙌🏼

  • Define the product strategy aligned with the organization business plan, design a product roadmap and make sure things happen.
  • Go-to-the market strategy, new business opportunities and potential partnerships.
  • Build a customer oriented organization, creating personalized processes and outstanding high business value and benefits for our potential customers.
  • Build a partner ecosystem with different tech industrial players that can work together with us to accelerate our go-to-market strategy. You are expected to build solid alliances with key players in the new metaverse value-chain, including gaming platforms, infra providers, edge computing, AR/VR devices, 5G HW and SW manufacturers, etc.

Talented Team Manager 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

  • Define the talent map, deal with the hiring and onboarding process, and build a team of professionals that will launch Gluonise into the next level.
  • Build the culture of the organization that serves as the basis for the team, with human values, an ambitious vision and a motivating mission, within others.
  • Manage and lead the team, with an aligned structure, clear roles and responsibilities, and motivated environment.
  • Build relationships with the different stakeholders, building a trustworthy organization, in which feedback, data and communication are key for success.

Fundraising Leader 💸

  • Analyze metrics and data, define and reach KPIs, and be ready to share results with stakeholders.
  • Prepare and present business models and reports to potential investors, outstanding the organization’s vision and roadmap.
  • Be up-to-date with how the market is changing, be agile and open to new ideas, always ensuring the company’s survival and growth.
  • Manage direct sales with target customers
  • Monitor and supervise accounting processes, understanding and analyzing balance sheets, P&L models, accounting books, Excel spreadsheets ...
  • Lead end-to-end process to deliver investment rounds.
  • Be ready to do all this under the new crypto economy trends for funding and managing financials for the new web3 startups.

What will make you succeed with us?

  • Telecom or computing engineer with +8 years of experience facing complex technology challenges
  • Entrepreneur, eager to start-up your own company. with experience in implementing, strategizing, designing strategic plans, go-to-market and financial plans for other startups.
  • Experience in talent management, People management and leadership skills will be your best partners to achieve the challenge of building and growing the team.
  • Understand Blockchain, Web3 and cryptocurrency technology, appreciating lifelong learning.
  • Fluent English. It will be essential as we’ll be an international team.

You will stand out if you…

  • Are proactive, autonomous, resolutive, and analytical profile.
  • Are experienced in gaming industry
  • We would appreciate it if you have worked on blockchain projects and would be especially helpful if it's done in the U.S. market.
  • Have understanding of technology’s impact in disrupting some industrial verticals; Impact of industrial 5G, Edge Computing, IoT…
  • Understand hardware complexities and development

What benefits can Gluonise bring you?

  • 💪 Startup Foundation and Ecosystem: work within a startup ecosystem together with an 5G Ventures and The Data Venture. We are pioneers of the sector, so our day-to-day is never a routine. We embrace the challenge of learning everyday how to improve in our roles and how to add value to others!
  • 🌐🚀 Development and Networking in a 5G and web3 environment: You will interact and expose yourself with professionals and leaders in 5G, Web3 and Blockchain learning and developing in new technologies, in addition to participating in the digitization of the industry.
  • ⏰ Flexible and remote work. You will be the owner and administrator of your time, We care about the well-being of our contributors. Therefore, we know how to combine our work with personal life, and we are flexible because we all go together.
  • ✨ Benefits. Be the owner of the startup with up to 70% of the cap-table for the entrepreneurial team. As you are a co-founder, we as co-founders will work with you to define the best compensation package based on the funding strategy and the key milestones.

With whom will you carry out these contributions?

Do you want to know who will be your future partners in this mission? No problem!

We introduce you to Alberto Villalobos (CEO & Co-founder 5G Ventures) and Alexandra Cavero (CEO), who will be your partners in this journey. They can help you with everything you need and more. And them, and their powerful network of collaborators are going to help you to guarantee the success in this challenge!

If you believe you would be a good fit for this position after everything we have told you...DO NOT hesitate!

Apply to this offer and live the experience of leading the industrial 5G revolution with 5G Ventures and The Data Venture!

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