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Content Lead

We are looking for an experienced copywriter with experience in content management, including problem-solving, time management, and workload management skills. You should be fluent in written and spoken English to help grow our content strategies and deliver our brand vision by creating content across our channels (Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Discord, Medium, YouTube and others).

Skills Requirement

  • Versatile: You are capable of thinking of the big picture but also rolling up your sleeves and getting things done with attention to detail.

  • Team Player: People love working with you, and you make the people around you more effective. You take pride in being a force multiplier.

  • Natural Thinker: You are effective at presenting your ideas, getting alignment across diverse stakeholders, and driving execution in a cross-functional environment.

  • Docs Obsessed: You believe that good docs are the best marketing. You believe that docs are part of the product.

  • Growth Mindset: You naturally seek to expand upon your existing ideas. You keep an eagle eye on emerging projects/verticals in the web3 ecosystem.

  • Self Organized: You have attention to detail and are objective oriented and know how to keep organized and manage your own time without needing to be micromanaged.

  • Natural Storyteller: Your ability to structure ideas in written form is superb.

Core Responsibilities

Our Content Lead will be expected to accomplish writing and strategic tasks including, but not limited to, the priorities below:

  • Own and evolve the voice of YSL.IO. By writing all our social posts.

  • You will be the voice of the protocol for our users worldwide, constantly checking that we are communicating clearly and consistently.

  • You will be expected to own and guide the tone of voice of our project and be able to strategically explain this voice in writing and through presentations to the team.

  • You'll recruit, coach and manage talented copywriters to consistently deliver high quality content. Establish and improve our editorial process, and personally edit content when needed.

You will work in collaboration with our Creative Lead to:

  • Write and/or review copy for 15-20 graphics per week.

  • Write 30-35 tweets/Telegram announcements a week.

  • Write multiple Reddit posts a week.

  • Write 2 podcast scripts a week with a minimum of 2000 words each.

  • Proofread Influencer guidelines and scripts according to the campaign requirements.

  • Help organise the Influencer's content in the content calendar.

  • Edit and optimise editorial content for SEO. Understand basic technical & off-page requirements for SEO in order to set your work up for success. Partner with Creative Lead when needed.

  • You will also need to help guide the core team on how to brief and review your work to aid in your efficiency and creative process.

  • Research and meet with partner projects, business development, and developers to write long-form articles announcing new partnerships, offerings, and features.

  • Help write for the Website and Online Media.

  • Write and review all copy for the site, constantly analysing if itโ€™s the best and most straightforward way to convey the information.

  • Write all copy options for online media, coming up with short, catchy lines and CTAs to drive click-throughs to our site.

  • Conduct general editing and assist with team-wide writing tasks.

  • Look over all decks and help rewrite sections that are confusing or need improvement.

  • Work in collaboration with our core team to copy, edit or write new additions to our documentation.

  • Edit team blog posts when time or subject matter does not allow you to do it from scratch.

  • Strong familiarity with the cryptocurrency communities on Twitter and Telegram.

  • Deep knowledge of Twitter, Telegram, TikTok, YouTube, and other social media platforms.

  • Join voice chats via Telegram, Twitter Spaces, YouTube, etc.

  • Ability to coordinate an editorial calendar to ensure a consistent flow of content.

  • Self-driven with the ability to manage projects from inception to completion.

  • Collaborative spirit for co-creating with team, community, and partners.

  • Youโ€™ll need to be proficient in keeping track, editing, updating and managing our content calendar.

  • Handling pressure well and working towards tight deadlines.

  • Generate buzz around our yield-bearing vaults / tokenomics / services via Telegram, Twitter Spaces, YouTube, etc.

  • Insatiably curious to understand our protocol and DeFi on a deep level.

  • Knows how to simplify complex topics so those who are learning can understand.

  • Hard-working, willing to go the extra mile because you donโ€™t know any other way.

  • Detail-oriented presents as close to final work as possible, double checks work and doesnโ€™t rely on others to fix common errors.

  • Able to work autonomously as much as possible.

  • Good at receiving and interpreting feedback (including from non-creatives).

  • Extremely willing to give multiple options and go through various rounds of a copy.

  • Possesses a general willingness to be flexible and adaptable to constantly change plans entirely out of their control.

  • Positive attitude and โ€˜we can make it happen mentality.

  • Comfortable jumping into projects with light context and an ability to quickly DYOR.

  • Will speak up when they need personal time or have been assigned too much work.

  • If you have finished all your work and have more time in the week, youโ€™ll find new writing projects to work on that will benefit YSL.IO.

Preferred Experience

  • Excellent writing/editing and verbal communication skills.

  • Copywriting for social, online media and websites.

  • Longform journalistic writing for blog articles.

  • Has a natural way with and unique interest in words.

  • Obsessed with English Grammar (but doesnโ€™t flaunt it).

  • Experienced in conducting research.

  • Working knowledge and experience with DeFi and Web3 products (minimum of 6 months).

  • 2-3 years experience in copywriting, preferably in a professional setting with a multinational corporation.

  • Prior working experience with an NFT/DeFi/Blockchain company is desirable.

Bonus Experience

  • You have a strong copywriting background.

  • Deep understanding of Crypto-specific copywriting.

  • Comprehension of not only DeFi but the BNB Chain ecosystem.

  • You are fascinated by historical and evolving trends in blockchain, NFT, DAOs, and DeFi.

  • A thought leader by nature has built a following across Twitter, Newsletters, or other media.

  • A fluency with many of the โ€˜hotโ€™ aspects of DeFi (staking, yield, play to earn, etc.).

  • Expertise in working with PR agencies, journalists, and influencers for brand storytelling.

Job Profile

  • This is a full-time, remote position.

  • Weโ€™re growing fast, and weโ€™re looking for extraordinary people to join us on our mission. If you share our vision and have the expertise and drive to make it happen, apply to be part of our team.

  • YSL.IO has a great working environment where team members can evolve and have a career in the company!

  • Salary will vary according to your knowledge and experience paid in USD (Binance BUSD).

Hiring Process

  1. Submit your application and professional Curriculum Vitae.
  2. Complete the one-way interview.
  3. Copywriting assignment.
  4. Interview with Project Lead.
  5. Interview with YSL.IO Founders.
  6. KYC and signing of the contract.

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