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We're looking for a Frontend/ Full-stack Engineer with strong coding skills, excellent attention to detail, and a real passion for alluring app design and software creation. As an engineer at CoinHomes, you will:

  • Be a key player in building features that engage our users and understands their outstanding expectations
  • Consistently deliver performant, testable, scalable, highly-readable code using OO standard methodologies
  • Analyze, design and develop tests and test-automation suites
  • Design and develop a processing platform using various configuration management technologies
  • Test software development methodology in an agile environment
  • Provide ongoing maintenance, support and enhancements in existing systems and platforms
  • Collaborate cross-functionally with business users, project managers and other future software engineers to achieve elegant solutions
  • Provide recommendations for continuous improvement
  • Work alongside other engineers on the team to elevate technology and consistently apply best practices
  • This role often requires building first versions of products from concept. -This role is for executioners; individuals that know how to ship products.

You will work with the leadership team to operationalize a complex technical roadmap into components that can be tackled independently by empowered teams, parallelizing effort wherever possible (everything from our in-production node software to tackling research problems on the horizon). Someone who is knowledgeable on crypto currency, or has the desire to learn is an ideal candidate!

This role has been categorized as a Remote position. โ€œRemoteโ€ employees do not have a permanent corporate office workplace and, instead, work from a physical location of their choice which must be identified to the Company. Employees may live in any of the 50 US States, with limited exceptions.

About Coin Homes

At Coin Homes, we are proud to offer innovative products that meet the needs and wants of our clients. We provide tools that enable the purchase of homes using Bitcoin as collateral. To help us continue to grow our offerings, weโ€™re in the search of an experienced Software Engineer. As our lead engineer, you will accelerate the growth of our best people, providing mentorship to senior engineers from your direct experience as well as building internal processes so team members help each other grow.

For years, investors have been looking for ways to generate wealth in both the real estate and cryptocurrency markets. However, at times investors may be faced with market uncertainty, and investing in either one usually requires a significant amount of capital. As a result, many people have been hesitant to invest in either market. CoinHomes is a new company that has developed a solution that enables consumers to generate wealth in both real estate and cryptocurrency without the need for significant capital or the risk of margin calls.

CoinHomes accomplishes this by using creative financing and loan alternative programs that allow consumers to leverage their cryptocurrency holdings. This unique approach has already helped many people generate significant wealth, and it is quickly gaining popularity throughout the investment community.


Great cultures create better organizations, which in turn creates a prosperous society. Coin Homes is dedicated to providing a welcoming environment in which everyone may accomplish their best work and become their best selves. We are a global organization, and there are bitcoiners on every continent. This entails building a space that values diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

Who you are

2+ years of software development experience

Experience with JavaScript/Typescript and solid knowledge of ReactJS

You thrive in a fast, agile, and multi-functional start-up environment

You demonstrate excellent problem solving and critical thinking skills

You hold a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering or equivalent work experience

Here at Coin Homes โ€“ we value the experience and perspective of candidates with non-traditional backgrounds. We encourage you to apply if you have transferable skills or related experiences

Mobile development experience is a plus

We use the term โ€˜unicornโ€™ in our hiring process. A unicorn is an individual that holds the technical requirements for the position, but brings something extraordinary to the table. Like building a championship basketball team, we are only looking for superstars that will join us on our mission.

-Were you in leadership of a startup that has scaled to +250 employees or has been acquired?

-Did you write a book?

-Did you do something remarkable at a FAANG or prominent fintech company?

-Did you compete in the olympics?

-Are you a veteran with strong aptitude?

We want to hear from you!

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