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About the job

AI INVEST, INC (AI TRADE, INC). in Orlando, U.S.A., a cryptocurrency innovative company, is seeking a full-time/work-from-home/fully remote, Full Stack JavaScript/TypeScript developer for our agile team. We're building an API Platform as service websites and apps.

Below is the full job description: Quick 1 round interview,



  • Know well on NestJs OR ExpressJs AND ReactJs are a MUST
  • Know well on API Endpoint developments are a MUST
  • If you are applying and looking for a contractor, freelancer, or side job, Do not apply!


Compensation and Benefits:

Full-time job with benefits & bonus

12 paid time off days in a year, monthly payroll (direct bank transfer) in your country's currency

• Monthly performance bonus

• Responsibility bonus

• Annual evaluation and compensation adjustment

• Profit Share



- Would be able to work in your country's local time 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday (5 days per week, 8 working hours per day), Flexible 1 hour dinner time and taking breaks anytime in between)

- Good speed internet (No mobile data), fast enough computer, Quiet workspace at home is the Must.

- Studied in Computer Science/engineering OR work in the related fields

- Solid Experience with API Development with JavaScript/TypeScript

- 2+ years of working experience

- Solid Experience with MVC framework

- Solid Experience with GIT

- Konow Docker is a PLUS

Our technical stacks (knowing more the better, but not all required):

Symfony, ReactJs, Redux, Redux-Saga, Isomorphic, API Platform, Electron App, Docker, JIRA, Bitbucket CI/CD, AWS/Digital Ocean, Stripe API, Paypal API, Twillio API, PHP 8, C# .net Core, Microservices APIs, Nginx, Websocket, Load Balancing, MySQL 8, Redis, Timeseries DB, Google Firebase, SendGrid, Sentry, ElasticSearch, Figma, Express Nodejs, Git hooks, ES lint, PSR Lint, CDN, Image Proxy Cloud Storage, Kubernetes, Kubernetes Native Object Storage, RabbitMQ, MQTT, MQTT over Websocket, Queue publisher, Queue subscriber, Letsencrypt CertBot, Mkcrypt, Openvpn, ReactPhp, Browser Kit, Guzzle, Semantic metric docker logs, Caddy server, Traefik Load Balancing, Traefik Pilot, WSL2, Mercure Hub, API Gateway, PCNTL Workerman, Kubernetes, Jest Unit Test, Codeception Unit Test, Mockoon Mock API, Headless Chrome Rendertron, React Native, Golang, Revel Golang Web framework, GOOrm, Capacitorjs, etc.

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