P2P Merchant

Rigel Protocol

Rigel Protocol is looking for Merchants who would come on our P2P DApp - p2p.rigelprotocol.com, and trade Crypto-for-fiat and Fiat-for-crypto and get awesome rewards and benefits while at it.

Merchant Requirements:The Rigel Protocol P2P Merchant will be required to have the following:

1. An account on the Rigel P2P DApp - p2p.rigelprotocol.com .

2. Be on Telegram so as to be able to join our Rigel P2P Merchant Group - https://t.me/+ZDFBX-7lneM3ODU0 .

3. Would be required to complete a trade to be eligible for rewards.

4. Would be required to refer other Merchants so as to earn more rewards from trading fees.


1. Merchants are entitled to 10BUSD when they register and do a first trade.

2. Merchants are entitled to get up to 30% in trading fees of every other Merchant they refer to the P2P DApp.

3. Move your way up our Merchant ranking system, with the most benefits at the top.

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Apply now

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