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Who are we

ReidarDAO is a highly-curated, multipurpose, Web 3.0 investment DAO that leverages blockchain technology to deploy member capital towards digital assets, blockchain companies, and cryptocurrency. Reidar DAO currently has 65 Members, with over $700,000 USD in assets under management. ReidarDAO continues to extend its social reach as a multi-media organization through our social media and online brand presence. Reidar DAO remains focused on acquiring blue chip digital assets and producing content surrounding these investments. The DAO is also continuously exploring new ways to generate additional revenue, through these various media platforms.

Mission statement:

Reidar is a collective of individuals from widely varying backgrounds who all have a shared love for and belief in blockchain technology and the concept of web3. Through all of our operations and activity, we strive to push the boundaries of what DAOs are capable of and become a premier brand in the web3 space.


Reidar DAO is interested in recruiting private investors who can provide additional expertise to our organization. We are focused on curating an investor base of highly talented individuals using the DAO model to leverage mass intelligence at scale. Reidar intends to onboard the highest quality members, valuing applicant quality over high capital commitments. If selected, Private investors will be presented the opportunity to mint Reidar Tokens, tokenized shares of the organization on the blockchain.

Requirments / Experience

Applicants with knowledge/experience in any or all of the following areas will be considered.

  • Cryptocurrency, digital assets, DAOs, decentralized finance, and blockchain.
  • Product Leads / Web2 & Web3 Developers
  • Investment Management / Institutional investment experience
  • Strong communication & team collaboration skills

Bonuses: Regulatory experience, CPA, legal / law experience


  • Actively participate in investment-related discussions by creating and engaging in investment proposals.
  • Actively evaluating investment holdings, and collaborating with members on investment research.
  • Voting on Investment proposals through our snapshot blockchain voting system.
  • Attend weekly meetings to discuss DAO initiatives and investment proposals.


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Apply now

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