Protocol Blockchain Engineer


A bit about us:

The Immutable X Engineering Team is the powerhouse behind the world's top gaming-focused NFT Trading Ecosystem. Our team builds user experiences that delightfully and readily meet the demands of planet-scale web3 games. We solve complex problems at the bleeding edge of technology and have tons of fun.

Immutable can hire engineers across the Asia Pacific region. We can conduct all interviews and onboarding remotely and pride ourselves on our global experience. You can choose to work from our Immutable HQ in Sydney, or we will provide a WeWork all-access pass in any major city. We also offer relocation packages to Australia!

A bit about the role:

Here at Immutable, we are hiring engineers to help us build and maintain our zk-rollup infrastructure!

As a result, we are now looking for a Protocol Blockchain Engineer who will be responsible for helping us here at Immutable implement, research and design node infrastructure, performant provers and rollups optimised to the needs of games and NFT projects.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Work with one of the best scaling teams in this space
  • Deploy and extend our products, design and implement cross-rollup asset bridges
  • Produce novel innovations in the zk-rollup space
  • Drive the creation, definition and alignment of technical design decisions & architectural evolution
  • Help shape and execute a plan to evolve our zk-rollup infrastructure
  • Propose new initiatives and technologies to improve the scalability, maintainability, and reliability of Immutable X systems
  • Be a multiplier of engineering capability

We would love you to have:

  • Prior experience in one smart contract language, e.g. Solidity
  • Extensive experience across the Ethereum ecosystem (e.g. JSON RPC, wallet interfaces) and understanding how blockchains like Ethereum work at a protocol level (e.g. virtual machines, consensus)
  • Experience working with distributed/replicated systems or large microservice architectures
  • Expertise in multiple strongly typed, highly performant, concurrency/parallelism-supported programming languages like Go and/or Rust
  • Opcode-level EVM experience and exposure to ZKPs either directly or indirectly
  • A strong understanding or hands-on experience of basic cryptography (e.g. digital signature schemes, encryption based on symmetric and asymmetric keys, key distribution, etc.)
  • The passion within this space to be aware of the latest innovations in the blockchain protocol space including new consensus mechanisms and chain ecosystems
  • Blockchain development knowledge - understanding other components of the blockchain ecosystem (e.g. testing frameworks, ethers.js/frontend integration points)
  • A passion for upskilling and driving engineering capabilities
  • The ability to work comfortably across a range of technologies and are flexible to adapt to the shifting demands of the role
  • The motivation to deliver a fantastic product to our users
  • Effective communication skills to enable you to work closely with your team and a high degree of synchronisation about goals and strategy

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