About the job

D-CORE is the world's first truly decentralized collaborative academic effort, bringing together people from the worlds of crypto, academia, business, technology, and law.

With your help, we can bring institutional-grade blockchain research to life, while sharing the rewards that this space has to offer!

The Position:

We are looking for researchers to join our team to contribute to the ongoing research in the blockchain industry. As a researcher, you will answer questions related to various projects such as tokenomics, marketing, etc. After you have answered these questions, the answers will be by our QA team and you will receive rewards for your answers in the form of points. The RP you accrue will allow you to be paid in USDT to your chosen Tron wallet.


  • Knowledge and interest in the blockchain/cryptocurrency space
  • No prior work experience is required, however, an understanding of the industry and what makes projects attractive is useful in achieving success as a member of our researcher team
  • Ability to research blockchain/cryptocurrency projects and continuous learning about the industry and it's technology


Answer questions that are related to the project to the best of your ability in return for compensation based on the quality of the answer. You do not have to answer all questions related to the project. You may also choose to specialise in particular areas of blockchain research that you are more experienced in. (for example, maybe you enjoy tokenomics and marketing, then you can just answer the tokenomics and marketing related questions)

For every question answered and verified by a panel of experts, you will receive Researcher Points (RP). Using the RP system, we’ll compensate you for your efforts.

Why you’ll love working for us:

  • Fully Remote, work at your own time, no obligations or limits! You do not have to declare your location, so working from anywhere is acceptable.
  • You'll gain demonstrable experience and skills in blockchain research and finance, which will result in better career prospects in the new ecosystem.
  • We are willing to reference you and certificates from D-core team based on your work.
  • You will strengthen your ability to research crypto blockchain projects.
  • As a crypto enthusiast, you've probably "explored the market", but now you will be able to do so within a successful team of dedicated professionals.
  • You will have the opportunity to meet like-minded people in the new financial ecosystem and network.
  • You will learn how to invest in the blockchain space with institutional-grade research.

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