Senior Fullstack Engineer - PureScript/Haskell



Nested is a game-changing social trading platform aimed at becoming the one-stop DeFi app!

Nested allows users to build a profile and then create, copy, manage, update, send and share financial portfolios. These financial portfolios โ€” the โ€˜Nested portfoliosโ€™โ€” are represented as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) reflecting sets of tokens. 

Whenever a userโ€™s Nested portfolio is copied, he/she earns associated royalties. The more copies of a portfolio are made, the more royalties a user will earn! 

Nestedโ€™s team has put a lot of effort into designing the most user-friendly dApp, while preserving the highest level of decentralization.

Nested has raised more than $8M from the most renowned institutional and angel investors, including Alan Howard & Jump. 

Our vision

There are currently less than 50k DeFi daily active users worldwide, while there are 90M verified Coinbase users. Most CeFi users will become DeFi users during the next adoption wave. They will look for a decentralized platform with a similar user experience to the trading applications they are accustomed to. 

The Nested team is fully committed to solving all current usersโ€™ pain points. We are not building for a niche, we are building a next-generation application to onboard the masses onto DeFi. 

Our value propositions


  • Social Login: You donโ€™t need to own a web3 wallet or know how to set up a 24-word seed phrase. You can log in to our platform with your Twitter/Gmail account.
  • Onramp: You can purchase cryptos with fiat directly on Nested.
  • A web2 user journey providing the best decentralized tools to copy-trade and manage portfolios: You enjoy a user journey similar to what does exist in CeFi (Robinhood, Coinbase, Etoro, etc.)

Portfolio Management

We offer a complete interface to create a portfolio, swap, buy, manage, and sell cryptos!

Copy trading

We offer features to share and copy portfolios in one click. Every time you share one of your portfolios or your profile, an overview appears. Also, you earn royalties every time your portfolio is copied and on every moves people follow!

Visit our dApp and test it out!

Job Description

"Ordinarily, technology changes fast. But programming languages are different: programming languages are not just technology, but what programmers think in. They're half technology and half religion." - Paul Graham.

We'll expect a good candidate to be someone who:

  • Likes technology as a tool, and loves developing, in whichever language.
  • Is smart and looks for actual solutions to problems. Someone who will not monkey-code something that only works for the examples provided.
  • Is good at understanding and designing proper abstractions, and managing complexity.
  • Is fearless at refactoring shitty code when needed.
  • Finds answers to complex problems on his own, and is not expecting anyone to systematically pre-think everything for him/her. But someone who knows when to call for help.
  • Is good at critical thinking, and proficient when something seems wrong. Challenging others' habits is paramount in a well-functioning team.
  • Is not an Architecture Astronaut, and who likes efficiency and simplicity (The best is the enemy of the good)


  • 5+ years of demonstrable engineering experience in either a professional or personal capacity.
  • Strong knowledge of backend-end development (preferably with Nodejs & Nest, but any typed language like C# or Java is also fine if you're willing to switch ecosystems).
  • Experience (or at least a strong desire to learn) of GraphQL and PureScript (or Haskel)
  • Strong Typescript skills (along with React for the frontend)
  • Blockchain Fundamentals such as consensus mechanisms, nodes, web3.
  • Knowledge about performance, distributed architectures, autoscaling, ...
  • General clean code habits, along with an advanced CI/CD and DevOps understanding (GitHub Actions, Terraform, AWS, ...)

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