Solidity Developer - Smart Contract Engineer


About the job

We are building a platform for an international partner of ours, you will work for us but with a team off-shores.

The Smart Contract Engineer will take ownership of the development of new DeFi-related smart contracts. She/He will be in essence a software developer with proven Solidity experience. The ideal candidate will of course have proficiency in Solidity along with an interest in financial concepts and a keen understanding of their implementation in Defi with a consistent track record of solving critical engineering problems.

This is a great opportunity to establish yourself in a high-caliber team.

Key Responsibilities

  • Drive high-level decisions about smart contract architecture using high-quality and well-tested Solidity code, following the latest design and development patterns
  • Write well-documented, efficient, clean, and re-usable Solidity code:
  • For standalone use
  • For integration with external Defi applications
  • Review PRs and external Defi applications
  • Work at a rapid pace with a large amount of ownership and autonomy
  • Constantly improve yourself by keeping up to date with the latest technologies and trends

Skills & Requirements

  • 2+ years of experience writing, testing, deploying and verifying smart contracts
  • Basic understanding of Ethereum and the EVM like transactions, contracts, stack, memory, storage, gas costs, mempool
  • Experience using testing frameworks (truffle, hardhat, dapptools, foundry)
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced team environment and follow Agile-like processes
  • Being passionate about the crypto space and keeping up with new developments, tools, and the latest features of the solidity language
  • Good written and spoken communication skills in English as needed for a professional environment

Desired skills/Nice to have

  • Experience working with L2s or different chains
  • Experience with ZK chains or rust-based smart contract languages
  • Experience using fuzzing and/or formal verification in tests.
  • Deep understanding of low-level workings of the Ethereum (and other EVM-based) chain(s) e.g:
  • State, how it's stored, structured in a Merkle tree, how hashes are used in this regard
  • Opcodes, precompiles, static vs dynamic gas costs
  • How the relevant parts of the EVM are implemented in geth

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Apply now

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