Volunteer crypto coding intern (unpaid)

Sovereign Prime

About the job

Sovereign Prime is developing cutting edge censorship resistant networks based on the latest web 3.0 protocols.

We are in the process of democratizing capital by developing a cryptocurrency based Universal Basic Income, and open marketplace, in an attempt to create a stable borderless economy without out capital gatekeepers.

Currently Sovereign Prime is a volunteer organization that offers equity based compensation. The program will give interns the opportunity to work on a meaningful project.


This program is open to semi-experienced individuals with an interest in coding and backend \frontend design as well as a willingness to learn of distributed systems. Some experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js and Rust is appreciated.

Core Tasks will include:

  • Developing Interface in React and React Native.
  • Deploying to desktop via Electron.js
  • Developing backend on top of the substrate blockchain framework.
  • implementing a BitMessage like protocol on top of our substrate blockchain.
  • Developing and Open Bazaar like marketplace on top of our substrate blockchain.
  • Using the IPFS protocol to share files between users.

What's In It For You?

  • The opportunity to be part of a startup with unlimited potential with a very talented team and exceptional resources
  • Virtual work, so you can live anywhere in the world and work with us!
  • Equity!

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Apply now

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