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Web3 Crypto Specialist

Job Description:

● Creating, and introducing to the market innovative projects based on tokens;

● Designing tokenomy for projects;

● Developing concepts related to innovations that can be adapted to tokens;

● Designing ecosystems around the token;

● Create design for the innovative features and support in its implementation;

● Controlling the token after its launch (including strategic consulting in development);

● Preparation of analyzes and calculations of introduced mechanisms with the use of a token;

● Analysis of competitive solutions, specific protocols, and ecosystems;

● Building a project development roadmap;

● Participation in the process of creating Whitepaper and other strategic documents;

● Participation in the internal crypto community:

○ Sharing & discussing news in an internal "news channel";

○ Sharing & discussing knowledge, and market solutions in an internal "knowledge compendium".

● Constant self-development in DeFi, and in crypto knowledge overall.

● Strategic consulting for existing crypto projects;

● Development of a token operation model, its application, and usability;

● Defining problems on both the crypto market and the client-side and solving them by developing solutions;

● Building a token entry strategy on the secondary market (CEX, DEX);

● Daily exploration of the cryptocurrency market;

● Searching for new products in this market and informing the team about it on the company's channel;

● Taking part in team meetings and creative work on innovative solutions for clients;

● Conducting workshops with the client with cooperation with the team;

● Consulting on possible technical solutions and the method of blockchain operation with other members of the project team;

● Verification of the possibility of implementing specific technical solutions for the development and product departments.


● Minimum 3 year crypto professional experience;

● Minimum 1 year experience in one of the projects below is a must:

○ Launchpad;

○ Incubator;

○ Consulting company responsible for listing project on various launchpads;

● Have a strong attraction on self-development in crypto;

● Be a highly involved person to develop non-standard with the team;

● Good understanding of DeFi;

● Great analytical skills;

● Ability to research find, and analyse collected data related to cryptocurrency market;

● Knowledge of at least one ecosystem at an advanced level (e.g. Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain);

Location - Latvia and Europe Or Romania

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