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About Acala

Acala's mission is to support and nurture the DeFi applications of the decentralized web (aka Web3) for an open and fairer financial future for everyone. The drivers of our mission are delivering financial stability, liquidity and accessibility for every human being.

Our core project is the Acala Network itself, which we expect to become the de facto DeFi parachain and stablecoin of the Polkadot ecosystem. Polkadot provides the underlying trust primitives to our parachain, upon which weโ€™ve built our suite of financial primitives including; Multi-collateralized Stablecoin; Trustless Staking Derivatives, and Unified Decentralized Exchange. These primitives will be used by us and other teams to power open DeFi innovations, and burn away all need for the parasitic intermediaries that inhabit almost every conventional trust-based financial system.

We have secured our support from eminent backers like Polychain, Coinbase Venture, Pantera and many more. Weโ€™re still preparing Acalaโ€™s parachain launch, so thereโ€™s no better time to join our mission and be a part of the future that weโ€™re building. Because whoever you are, weโ€™re building it for you ๐Ÿš€

About you

We have a selection of jobs posted for the positions that we know we need to fill. But this job post exists for the ones that we aren't focused on yet. If you're reading this it's because your expert skillset, whether technical or not, isn't listed in our current openings or reflected in our current team. Tell us briefly what that skillset is and why you think Acala will require, see bulletpoints below. If you're really an expert then you should have no trouble in identifying why your skillset will help our team to continue their success.

The ideal response to this posting is a well-researched one. Reading about our team and our progress in the Crypto News blogs, and watching our YouTube channel, will help you to formulate a better picture of what your role here could be. And if you truly belong at a Blockchain startup then you will already be familiar with the companies and organisations that Acala has hired people from, and perhaps even those that we are trying to emulate with our business plan. If you're capable of this amount of research to find your next career choice, then we want to hear from you.

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