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Bored with plumbing and feel like it is not leading you to the life that you want? Your Local Melbourne Plumber is inviting you to be a part of our successful team as a Plumber, Roofing Specialist, Estimator, and Sales Plumber.

  • If you succeed, we succeed, hence, we will do everything in our power to get your salary to $180K - 250K a year with bonuses and commissions on top as a full-time plumber, roofer, and tradesman.
  • Sick of the headache of running your own business? Earn more by working here with less headaches.
  • Do you love watching and posting videos online? Let's shine together! If you have many social media followers then we can pay royalties on top of your earnings by attracting your followers to us.
  • Are you frustrated on site when you are calling the project managers and no one answers? You'll never have that problem here, we have over 60 staff to urgently action anything that is needed to keep your client happy.
  • Running around like a headless chook? We will ease all your worries with our perfectly organized company that will always keep your customers overjoyed with our service.
  • We need to provide you with everything to be at your best which includes all plumbing state-of-the-art equipment and vehicles including drones and cameras.

Are you ready for your success, mate? Your Local Melbourne Plumber is inviting you to be a part of our successful team as a Plumber, Roofing Specialist, Estimator, and Sales Plumber. Use your experience and skill, add drive and determination to the mix and see your growth with Your Local Melbourne Plumber!

Our company is experiencing massive growth right now, and we are in the perfect spot to help you achieve your dreams of owning your own home and paying off your ute, or maybe getting new ones! These need not be pipe dreams (no pun intended, mate!)

We are redefining the tradesmen industry by focusing on staff satisfaction because we believe that happy staff leads to happier customers. From the moment you get into your ute for your first job, we will support you every step of the way, and ensure that you get better and better every day.

Our growing company has all the tools, expertise, and experience to do all these. Our in-house training ensures that you have the necessary skills to leave our customers happy with the work that we doโ€“together.

Let us help you to redefine yourself as a tradie! Sure you can continue as a solo tradesmanโ€”going to job sites, working on two to three jobs per day while worrying about the next client, collecting from the client, marketing and advertising your services, etc. But we have done all that for you, so you can focus on what you do best and get the maximum out of your day.

With us, you add more value to your professional skills as a tradie, and this is proven as we have grown from a mere 3-man operation to having more than a hundred employees in 8 years! Imagine where we would be in the next 5 years! (We donโ€™t really have to imagine as we know now that we will be the place to work as we constantly change as the world changesโ€“right now we are upgrading to modern plumbing tools and adding payment using cryptocurrency for customers)

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