Senior Blockchain Developer

Think Media Labs

About the job

We're looking for a Senior Blockchain Developer with 4-6 years of experience building smart contracts for multiple blockchain projects.

You Will:

• Design/implement secure and reliable applications in Solidity

• Code and launch smart contracts on smart contract platforms like Solidity, Ethereum, Solana, Chainlink, and Polygon

• Build tools to interact with smart contracts

• Development of automated testing code bases and audit of smart contracts

• Work closely with other product teams to ensure that smart contracts function with other Unstoppable Domains tools

• Research and stay current with the state-of-art of blockchain technologies

• Collaborate with full-stack, front-end developers and quantitative developers to bring products to life

• Providing tech support internally for the optimal execution of trading strategies

• Researching dApp protocols and providing a vision for the space


• 4-6 years of development of smart contracts and working on DeFi projects and protocols is an advantage, but if you are a self-taught genius or a DeFi enthusiast working on your own projects, that may work too

• Strong software development background

• Deep understanding of EVM, Solidity, and popular decentralized protocols

• Strong knowledge of design principles specific to smart contracts (like factory pattern and proxy design) or more generic, like OOP, functional programming, and REST.

• 5+ years of Fullstack programming experience focused on using strongly typed languages (Rust, Golang, Typescript). NodeJs & Javascript.

• Experience in Solidity, Solana, Chainlink, Polygon, OpenZeppelin standards, Web3, Truffle/Hardhat, the Graph, NodeJS, AWS, MySQL/Postgres, MongoDB/NoSQL.

• Strong experience with blockchain platform

• Solid understanding of Smart Contracts

• Experience working with large codebases

• Deployed contracts on Eth Layer 2 solutions like Optimism, Polygon

• Experience with moving smart contracts from the Ethereum blockchain to other low gas fees blockchains

• Strong knowledge of writing efficient and safe multithreaded code

• Strong knowledge of common algorithms and data structures

• Knowledge and experience in test-driven development

• Familiar with the common smart contract vulnerabilities

• Familiar with cryptography and encryption methods. Experience with enterprise-level key

• Familiar with P2P networks

• Familiar with NFT minting

• Familiar with Metaverse Platforms

• Trading knowledge

• Understanding DeFi native trading (farming, liquidity mining, liquidations, etc.)

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