[SG] Senior Smart Contract Engineer

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About the job

Tech stack:

- Blockchain, Ethereum, Solidity, Web3.js

- Golang, Rust, Python, Node.js, Android, iOS

- CSS3, HTML5, VueJs, ReactJs, Redux, jQuery

- Docker, MySQL, Postgres

- Kibana, Grafana, Amazon cloud services

- Jira, Github.


- Work closely with smart contract team to develop and build new core smart contracts. Also work with other teams to integrate with internal protocols into our system.

- Research and write technical details about other protocols in order to integrate them into our system, especially other AMMs.

- Brainstorm and ideate on new protocol designs.

- Engage and work with both internal and external auditing teams and implementing feedback.

- Help Research team to evaluate the feasibility of any scaling solutions and problems.

- Training other members to improve the competence of the team.

Required skills and experiences

- Over 3 years experiences in developing and releasing secure and production smart contracts in Solidity.

- Good logical thinking and problem solver with an interest in building complex smart contracts.

- Have built and released production contracts with holding significant amounts of funds.

- Strong knowledge of the Ethereum Virtual Machine and other EVM-compatible networks, DeFis and other Web3 ecosystems.

- Can collaborate fluently in English with other teams.

- Experienced managing a small smart contract team (3-4 members).

Preferred skills and experiences

- Preference will be given to candidates who have knowledge of code bases and models of protocols

- Priority is given to candidates who actively research and optimize the system and give ideas to develop the system

- Prior experience defi

Why Candidate should apply this position

1- Financial Rewards


โ€ข Salary review once per year in January

โ€ข 100% salary during probation period (if any)


โ€ข Annual Wage Supplement (AWS): The AWS payable is equivalent to one (01) month of basic salary for employees who have served one (01) full calendar year with the Company, and with less than one (01) year of service, the employees shall be entitled to a pro-rated amount.

โ€ข Potential annual bonus based on the Companyโ€™s business results and your individual performance

Investment opportunity:

โ€ข Opportunity to invest in the exclusive internal fund for Kyber employees

โ€ข Opportunity to be supported by the 5-million-USD Kyber Alumni Fund when starting own blockchain startup project

2- Employment Benefits

Medical allowance of 2,000 SGD per year

Per calendar year: 18 days annual leave, 14 days medical leave, 46 days hospitalization leave

3- Career Development

Opportunity to work with top talents in blockchain:

โ€ข Co-founders with high reputation, first-class education and considerable experience in blockchain space

โ€ข Research and engineering team members with remarkable academic background (PhDs, Masters, and Engineering bachelors from reputable universities, winning national and international top awards in Mathematics/Informatics contests)

โ€ข Global advisors and partners

โ€ข Global English-speaking working environment including global colleagues in Singapore, Greece, USA, Koreaโ€ฆ

Opportunity to create long-term sustainable fintech products that serve Kyberโ€™s vision: Decentralized Economy for Everyone.

Opportunity to work with blockchain - the technology that leads the current and future trends.

Opportunity to attend technology/blockchain seminars internally and externally.

4- Work Environment

Flexible working hours from Monday to Friday with provided days to work from home when needed

Periodical team buildings and company retreats

5- Company culture

Transparent at heart, integrity in mind

Friendly and supportive collaboration working style

Young and funny colleagues

Report to

Product Manager and CTO

Interview process

Round 1: Online test (1hr) - Round 2: Interview with CTO

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