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Empiric Network

About the job

Our Vision

We are building Empiric Network, the first live oracle on StarkNet and the leading provider of robust data feeds to the ecosystem today. The network is powered by data partners that include Alameda Research, Jane Street, Gemini, CMT Digital, Flow Traders and more. Because Empiric Network is entirely on-chain, protocols using Empiric finally have access to data that is as verifiable, transparent and secure as the smart contracts themselves. Empiric is also pioneering computational feeds that combine its high-quality, real-time market data in novel ways — entirely on-chain and verifiable by leveraging zero-knowledge computation. These advanced computational feeds will enable the next generation of DeFi protocols to go beyond what is possible today.

Our Backing

We recently raised a $7M seed round led by Variant and joined by ecosystem partners such as StarkWare and Sandeep Nailwal (Polygon), as well as a stellar group of investors such as Thomas Bailey (Road Capital), Marc Bhagarva (Tagomi), Luke Pearson (Polychain), Max Kleiman-Weiner (Sequoia), Tekin Salimi (DAO5), Tarun Chitra (Gauntlet) and Robert Leshner (Compound).

You can read more at our docs and take a look at our open source code.

Your Day-To-Day

  • Develop secure contracts that make up our entirely on-chain architecture (Cairo & Solidity)
  • Create both internal and public tooling that will help us and the ecosystem move faster
  • Create smart contracts on the Ethereum L1 that bridge over critical data, such as Uniswap TWAP rates or Aave overnight rates (Solidity)
  • Think from first principles to tackle challenges at the cutting edge of cryptography, smart contracts and data - prioritizing safety and robustness

Key Qualifications

  • You have deployed smart contracts to mainnet before that have significant traction (in terms of usage and / or TVL and / or transaction volume)
  • 3+ of professional experience, ideally at a VC-backed startup.
  • Please share your GitHub account, and if possible link to some of the smart contracts you've worked on.
  • Preferred candidates have experience with the Cairo programming language

Compensation and Perks

  • Earn above-market compensation with meaningful equity.
  • Learn from a world-class team, along with our friends at Starkware and within the StarkNet ecosystem
  • Have the ability to be at the cutting edge of web3 and help build critical infrastructure for the future of Ethereum
  • Work in a fast-paced, no-bullshit environment that has high expectations and helps you achieve them
  • Be part of a project that is growing extremely quickly and has clear product-market fit in an existing market — while also pursuing moonshot opportunities to redefine trustless data fetching.
  • Contract-based positions are available for remote work; if full-time, we'd love to have you on-site in New York!

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