Sora Schools - Software Engineer - Flutter - Direct Hire [Remote]



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  • JOB TYPE: Direct Hire Position (no agencies/C2C - see notes below)
  • LOCATION: Remote - Work from anywhere (Time Zone: EST | Partial overlap)
  • SALARY: $65,000 โ€“ $100,000/yr
  • ESTIMATED DURATION: 40hr/week 



Weโ€™re looking for candidates with strong track records of putting mobile and desktop apps to work and bringing products to life. You should be experienced in Flutter and backend with a Postgres/Node stack.
We're a remote company so the bulk of our work is written โ€“ from the code and interfaces we design, to the pull request discussions and requests for comments we make โ€“ being a good writer is important. Effective, concise writing leads to effective, concise code.
We do good work together. That comes with direct feedback, openness to each othersโ€™ experience, and willingness to show up for each other as well as for the technical work at hand. Weโ€™re in this for the long term.
While you'll report to a team lead, Sora Schools is a company where self managers thrive. We're quick to trust that you can do it, and here to support you in making it so. You can expect to be counted on. You can expect to do your best work and build a career here.

What youโ€™ll be working on

As a Flutter Engineer at Sora Schools, you'll work to build new product features and keep our app fast, secure, and reliable. But, depending on your interests and skills, you may do more feature work or more infrastructure work but the boundaries are fluid, and people can switch work scopes.
Right now, we're maintaining our LMS Sora Home 1.5 in web tech, and building its next mobile-first version Sora Home 2.0. Our web version is currently built as with a Node.js back-end React front-end, and going forward, we're all-in on Flutter mobile and desktop apps.
We use a variant of Shape Up methodology so you won't have a backlog of tickets to blindly check. Your work shall be deliberate. You'll receive entire projects to tackle end-to-end in 5 week cycles where you'll do your own discovery, both on the code and on the product, before you dive into writing your own code, Scope Hammering, testing, debugging, refactoring and shipping! But you'll not be alone. You'll have full support of QA and Sora seasoned engineers to help you along the way.
Here are some real examples of mobile work weโ€™ve done lately that might help you to get a better idea of what the job could entail:
- Setup a new Flutter project with CI/CD setup and local cache, state management and routing libraries
- Setting up a design system package and implementing our first components
- Create a mobile specific endpoint in our backend with Prisma and Node
- Develop a simple calendar component that properly handles conflicting events
- Coding a mobile Google Authentication flow
All of those also were carefully tested with unit tests, integration tests and ultimately manual tests to ensure the UX is actually great!
This is a fully remote position. Youโ€™re free to work where you work best: home office, co-working space, coffeeshops. We are primarily hiring from the Americas but as long as your workday can have at least a 4-hour overlap with an Atlanta workday (eastern time zone 9-5), it can work. We don't want anyone working a graveyard shift to make that happen, though.

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Qualified candidates will be invited to do a screening interview with the Braintrust staff. We will answer your questions about the project, and our platform.  If we determine it is the right fit for both parties, we'll invite you to join the platform and create a profile to apply directly for this project.  

C2C Candidates: This role is not available to C2C candidates working with an agency. If you are a professional contractor who has created an LLC/corp around their consulting practice, this is well aligned with Braintrust and weโ€™d welcome your application.  

Braintrust values the multitude of talents and perspectives that a diverse workforce brings. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, national origin, religion, age, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or protected veteran status.

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