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The Interplanetary File System (IPFS) is a fundamental building block of Web3, enabling decentralized internet architectures to find and exchange content-addressed data at scale. It is used by researchers, activists, builders, and many others to create a new class of applications that are inherently more reliable, resilient, and secure than what we have today. Protocol Labs has supported the IPFS project since its early days, and is continuing to bring on contributors to help advance the project and community, supporting this diverse ecosystem in making IPFS a core part of the Data Layer of Web3. 

We are looking for a Technical Program Manager to support the open source community around IPFS. In this role, your mission will be to make IPFS an incredibly useful, active, inclusive, and healthy open source project. Youโ€™ll build relationships with people all over the world - from academic researchers to hobbyist hackers to startup founders with millions of dollars in funding - and will ensure all of them have a seat at the table in delivering on this mission. Youโ€™ll understand the barriers and needs to make contributions easier to make, and youโ€™ll build and execute on a strategy with our engineering teams to knock those barriers down. You will be a primary public face of the IPFS project and community, and will partner with others in the community and Protocol Labs on things like community governance, conferences, community calls/roundtables, and other ways of connecting people and driving the direction of the project.

What weโ€™re looking for:

  • Experience running programs spanning multiple stakeholder organizations - Preferably, this is directly from working on a large open source project, but you may be a fit if youโ€™ve run large projects across multiple companies.
  • Community Building - you are able to work across diverse stakeholders and drive big processes and decisions in the open. You can build strong relationships with many stakeholders, and can adeptly influence outcomes in volunteer organizations. Youโ€™d be a good fit if youโ€™ve been a major figure in an open source project, led volunteer boards/committees, done political/community organizing work, or something along these lines
  • Execution in Ambiguity - you have well developed skills around dealing with ambiguity, driving towards outcomes. This is a big scope, and we need someone who can jump in and start running with little support.
  • Humble leadership - you are one who โ€œleads from behindโ€, putting stakeholders in the front seat and driving for outcomes through influence.

What youโ€™ll do:

  • Build deep and productive relationships with stakeholders in the community
  • Invent and implement ways to strengthen IPFS community and drive community health KPIs
  • Help implement and drive the processes of community governance 
  • Build the processes and operating models for managing our high-volume contributor communities - issue/pr triaging, support, documentation/guides
  • Synthesize community needs/concerns and drive the necessary work within Protocol Labs and its partners

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